Congaree and Penn facebook logo 2 BodySurf_Logo_r3-v1 f6704ec6b71eba428578c743fbd221b6Jacksonville based beverage distributor, Champion Brands, has continued to diversify the portfolio of beverages they distribute. 3 companies local to Jacksonville have all partnered with Champion Brands: Farm Cider by Congaree & Penn, Carve Vodka of Grey Matter Distilling and Body Surf Organic Infused Waters. Within the laws of Florida’s 3-tier distribution system, Champion Brands warehouses, sells and delivers more than 50 different local, regional and national beverage brands. In partnership with those brands, Champion Brands also provides marketing, quality control and other brand building services.

“We represent world class brands and these additions are no different” said Craft & Specialty Category Manager, Earl Sutton. “We have the best team in the business and Champion Brands takes partnership very seriously. Our folks are ecstatic to make these new items more accessible.”

For the first time in it’s 30+ year history, Champion Brands will begin distributing spirits. Distilled and bottled at Grey Matter Distillery, Carve Craft Vodka is Jacksonville’s first craft vodka. With emphasis on quality, each small batch is distilled seven times and filtered through an activated coconut carbon system to ensure a smooth and pure finish with every sip.

Congaree and Penn is a small, integrated farm for chefs, foodies, and friends of sustainability on the First Coast. Born in 2014, Congaree and Penn began as a tiny rice farm, but has since grown into a thriving farm of orchards, you-pick vines, and is home to thousands of honeybees and fancy chickens. C&P’s Cider accentuates the sensational flavors of North Florida’s indigenous fruits. From the colloquial blackberry to the exotic mayhaw, they rely on the vigor of native fruits to produce a farm-to-table cider that is uniquely southern.

Body Surf Organic Infused Waters were conceptualized and founded in Jacksonville Beach. “Low calorie, organic infused flavored water that tastes great” is an accurate way to describe the brand. Most people are chronically dehydrated and Body Surf is set to change that in a delicious, healthy way.