There is no brand quite like Red Bull. A phenomenally popular energy drink that has dominated the U.S. market, Red Bull Energy Drink is a carbonated energy beverage with a sweet, distinctive flavor, first introduced in 1987. And Champion Brands is proud to bring it to you.

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Our Non-alcoholic Product Sample Family:

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Bold Bean Coffee Roasters

Source. Roast. Brew. The Bold Bean story started over 10 years ago as a hobby in a garage. Bold Bean has become a way to develop deeper relationships not only with friends and the city of Jacksonville, but also with the farmers in their sourcing countries. Bold Bean’s mission statement is simple: “We will source, roast, brew and serve outstanding coffee. We will learn continuously and foster community. We will be good people and have fun.”

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Eternal Spring Water

Eternal Water is sourced from Naturally Alkaline Springs.

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Gnarbucha Craft Brewed Kombucha

Gnarbucha owner/brewer Chris Prevatt began cooking with his father at a young age. This early influence helped him develop a passion for scratch cooking and natural flavors. Chris began brewing Kombucha at home as a new and exciting challenge to bring a healthy beverage to his family. Gnarbucha grew organically, starting at the Neptune Beach Farmer’s Market to now being produced in a custom manufacturing space in Atlantic Beach.

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