Produced by the Boston Beer Company and founded in 1984, Samuel Adams is now one of the largest American-owned beermakers. Known for pushing the boundaries of mainstream beer, Samuel Adams Brewery’s first and flagship beer, the Boston Lager, dry-hopped with the distinct and delicate Hallertau Mittelfrueh Noble hops. Six weeks into the business, the Boston Lager was named the “Best Beer in America” at the Great American Beer Festival.


Rich, balanced and complex, Boston Lager is the flagship brew with its deep amber color and approachable taste.
4.9 percent ABV


Not just a lighter version of Boston Lager, Sam Adams Light has a crisp, smooth roasted malt flavor with no lingering bitterness.
4.3 percent ABV



  • Cold Snap | Available January-March | 5.3 percent ABV
  • Escape Route | Available January-March | 5.0 percent ABV
  • Summer Ale| Available March-August | 5.3 percent ABV
  • Porch Rocker| Available March-August | 4.5 percent ABV
  • OctoberFest | Available August-October | 5.3 percent ABV
  • Harvest Pumpkin Ale | Available August-October | 5.7 percent ABV
  • Winter Lager | Available November-January | 5.6 percent ABV
  • White Christmas | Available November-January | 5.8 percent ABV


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