Team Champion Brands,


We truly appreciate everyone’s efforts in making this Hurricane crisis go as smoothly as possible. Our hearts are with the families affected by Irma. Please reach out to your supervisor if you are in need of assistance at this time and we will do everything we can to help your situation.


Business will resume as normal, Wednesday 9/13.


Emergency Contact List

Please contact your direct Supervisor for daily work related concerns.

Operations Team

  1. Bob Cox

Cell: 904.735.3114

  1. Craig Kehoe

Cell: 904.545.9476

  1. Robert Buggs

Cell: 904.654.8099

  1. Bill Deluca

Cell: 904.385.9069

Sales – Off Premise

  1. Dustin Williamson

Cell: 904.219.6117

  1. Steve Burke

Cell: 904.591.8887

  1. Ronnie Brown

Cell: 904.219.6118

Sales – On Premise

  1. Sean Farwell

Cell: 904.219.6344

  1. David Rigdon

Cell: 904.759.6952

Red Bull Florida

  1. Mike Nearbin

Cell: 904.219.6038

Red Bull Georgia

  1. Bobby Rhodes

Cell: 912.687.6301

Additional Contacts

  1. Jacob Benton

Cell: 904.612.7910

  1. Danny Thomson

Cell: 904.238.9111


Jacksonville Sheriff’s Department:

Emergency: 911

Non-Emergency: 904.630.0500

Jacksonville Fire Department:

Emergency: 911

Non-Emergency: 904.630.0434