Bearing Rum

Jacksonville, Fla., Feb. 5, 2019 – Champion Brands, a Jacksonville-based beverage wholesaler, has partnered with Marlin & Barrel Distillery in Fernandina Beach to distribute hand-crafted spirits in Baker, Clay, Duval, Putnam, Nassau, and St. Johns counties. Marlin & Barrel Distillery has been locally distilling spirits since 2014 and has a robust portfolio that includes rum, vodka, gin, whiskey and assorted fruit flavored cellos.

“As a family owned and community-first business we value like-minded partners like Champion Brands,” said Roger Morenc, owner of Marlin & Barrel Distillery. “Of course, they have a strong record of building brands, but more so, they are builders of our community. We look forward to a long and healthy relationship with people we’ll enjoy working alongside.”
Champion Brands is a locally owned beer, spirits, Red Bull and beverage distributor. Historically specializing in beer distribution, they pride themselves on supporting local beverage companies and have recently emerged as a direct route to market for local distilleries. Marlin & Barrel represents their third local spirits company.
“Champion Brands is proud to announce our partnership with the reputable and talented distillers at Marlin & Barrel,” said Jacob Benton, General Manager of Champion Brands. “Marlin & Barrel is a well-established local spirits company distilling in Fernandina Beach and we’re excited to partner with them to collectively grow for years to come.”
Marlin & Barrel is located at 115 South Second Street in Fernandina Beach with a tasting room open to the public throughout the week, except on Tuesdays. You can learn more about their products and hours of operation at Those interested in selling Marlin & Barrel products should contact Champion Brands at (904) 268-1220 or visit